The Taming of the Shrew

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Write your own

on September 10, 2012

Write your own modernised sonnet from the perspective of one of the characters in ‘Taming of the shrew’.

2 responses to “Write your own

  1. Jeremy says:

    Luccentio: speaking about Bianca.

    She is my heart’s desire,
    When I look at her I am filled with mirth.
    She makes my heart catch fire,
    I would chase her to the ends of the Earth.

    She is the most beautiful goddess I have ever seen.
    A waterfall of golden hair,
    Eyes like a forest, such a deep green,
    Lips, a pink and rosy pair.

    But what if she does not love me?
    Have I even caught her notice?
    Does she think me as boring as a tree?
    Maybe someone else is her focus?

    I must try to make her mine!
    Such a love, surely she can’t decline?

  2. Eden says:

    My life is ruled by my sister’s madness
    I wish for once I made my own choices
    My father so strict on his own daughters
    Maybe one day I will be free of this
    To find the perfect guy to break this spell
    Would make me truly happy forever
    I think I’ve finally found the right one
    So smart and intelligent he sure is
    I hope my father will approve of him
    So then I can be happy for ever
    Finally my sister has been married
    Now it’s my turn to be independent
    We will be getting married in secret
    So truly happy my life is complete

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