The Taming of the Shrew

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10 Things I hate about you…

on September 10, 2012

Compare ’10 things I hate about you’ and ‘Taming of the shrew’.

What are 10 things that are similar between the two texts?

What are 10 things that are different between the two texts?

6 responses to “10 Things I hate about you…

  1. Jeremy says:

    The characters are all in the same roles, there are no added characters. They all had the similar characteristics for example Bianca was beautiful but shallow and Kat was mean. The characters interacted in the same way, Kat and Bianca bickered at each other their farther thought what was best for them. Both texts were about love and relationships. Both texts were supposed to be funny and humorous. Both had happy endings.
    Taming of the shrew is set more in the past then 10 things I hate about you. 10 things was set in a school while taming of the shrew took place mainly in people’s houses. In 10 things the farther said to Bianca that she could not date only if Kat did but in T,O,T,S she could not marry until Kat did. In T,O,T,S the language used was Shakespearian but in 10 things they used modern language. In T,O,T,S Katherina makes a speech about men and women’s duty to each other and in 10 things Kat reads a poem about 10 thing she hates about Patrick and their relationship. The last difference is that I enjoyed 10 things more because it was easier to follow and I can relate to it.

  2. Shanae says:

    What are 10 things that are similar between the two texts?
    1. The names are very similar and many are the same eg. Bianca
    2. The basic story line
    3. Both Patrick and Petruchio receive some form of money to tame the shrew
    4. In both stories the girls don’t have a mother
    5. Kate doesn’t like Pertuchio in the beginning
    6. Cameron falls in love with Bianca at first sight
    7. Both Lucentio and Cameron are new to the town.
    8. Everyone views Kate as a shrew just like everyone thinks Kat is a shrew
    9. Cameron tutors Bianca just like Lucentio
    10. Both stories have an underlying message about women’s lib

    What are 10 things that are different between the two texts?
    1. The time period
    2. The rule is dating instead of marriage
    3. The characters are all high school students
    4. Kat is not forced into anything like Katharina
    5. Bianca and Kat seem to have a better relationship in 10 things I hate about you
    6. The father doesn’t pick the guys his daughters date
    7. There is no pedant in 10 things I hate about you
    8. At the end it is Patrick that makes an effort to mend the relationship with himself
    and Kat, unlike in taming of the shrew where it is Katharina.
    9. Kat doesn’t go and live with Patrick
    10. The sisters are friends in the end

  3. Mary says:

    10 Things that are similar between the texts?
    – The Rule: Eldest must be married/date before the youngest is accessible
    – Eldest are both a shrew
    – The guy that wants the youngest must find a guy to marry/date the eldest
    -Both shrews play hard to get
    -The plot of the story
    -The shrew gets tamed by the guy that they are set up with
    -The fathers are both wealthy and wants the best/happiness for their daughters
    -Throughout the story they start off at a rough start but nearly the end they fall deeply in love
    -In both play and movie status and money is being valued
    -The eldest doesnt want to get married/ date because they want the younger daughter to be miserable and unhappy.

    10 Things that are different between the two.

    -The settings were completely different. eg. High School, Modern America and an Old City, Padua

    – Kat in the play gets married before she falls inlove and Kat in the movie falls for Pat before they start officially dating

    – Taming of the Shrew was produced in 1967 and 10 Things I Hate About You was produced in the 20th Century

    -In 10 Things I hate about you, status and popularity is viewed differently. Taming of the Shrew seems to just concide with wealth

    -Bianca in the play has no power, as Bianca in the movie has power in their relationship

    -In the movie its young love and the play old fashioned very traditional

    – Kat and Patrick have fun

    – In the movie they have a school formal and in the play they have a wedding

    -Kat and Bianca’s father doesnt choose any guy any guys for his daughters to date

    -In the movie Kat doesnt make a speech about being obedient to your husband

  4. Kadesha says:

    What are 10 things that are similar between the two texts?
    1. The sisters names are the same
    2. The younger sister falls fo a guy
    3. The younger sister has to wait for the older sister to date/marry anyone
    4. There is no mother
    5. The sisters faght all the time
    6. Kate doesnt like the man that wants to be with her
    7. Kates guy that wants her is getting paid but ends up falling for her
    8. Basic story line
    9. Father was protective in both
    10. both had happy enddings

    What are 10 things that are different between the two texts?
    1. Different time periods
    2. High school instead of houses
    3. The girls in 10 things I hate about you have a lot more inderpendance
    4. Kat doesnt go live with Patrick
    5. Datting instead marriage
    6. Cars not hourses
    7. Kat wasnt forced into anything
    8. No servents in 10 things I hate about you
    9. Patrick changes himself got Kat unlike Pertuchio
    10. The sisters are friends on the end

  5. Eden says:

    1. The characters names
    2. Katarina is a shrew
    3. Katarina does not want to date
    4. Petruchio and Patrick were both paid
    5. They both tame the shrew
    6. Money is a big deal in both of them
    7. No mother
    8. Basic story line
    9. A group of men sorting out the issues
    10. The younger daughter cannot date until the older daughter does
    1. Time period
    2. Kat’s father didn’t choose her man
    3. No wedding in 10 things I hate about you
    4. In 10 things I hate about you woman have power
    5. Kat choose to be with Patrick
    6. Patrick is kind to Kat
    7. In 10 things I hate about you the sisters have a better relationship
    8. In 10 things I hate about you they are at school
    9. The ending
    10. Kat doesn’t have to live with Patrick

  6. Decklan says:

    1. There are in the most part the same names (Bianca etc.)
    2. In both stories Patrick//Petruchio get paid.
    3. They both “tame” the shew.
    4. They both do not have a motherly figure.
    5. The “dating” rule.
    6. The sisters both quarrel.
    7. Both love stories are love at first sight.
    8. Both have roughly the same story line.
    9. Without money these stories wouldnt exist.
    10. Majorly protective father.

    1. Time setting differences.
    2. Ye Olde English.
    3. Patrick isnt a drunkard.
    4. Patrick was considerate of her.
    5. The sisters end up sticking up for each other.
    6. Kat and Patrick end up becoming really close.
    7. The ending,
    8. They are not in a school.
    9. Katerina doesnt have as much authority in the movie.
    10. Katerina does not live or get married to Patrick.

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