The Taming of the Shrew

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on August 30, 2012

The focus has all been about Katherina and Petruchio. However, Bianca’s voice was hardly heard.

From her perspective, write a diary entry describing how she felt about her ‘shrew’ of a sister!

10 responses to “BIANCA’S PERSPECTIVE…

  1. Decklan says:

    Day 5 of the “reign of the shrew”.
    Today was horrible! I finally found a guy I love and SHE has to ruin it. I am so sick of her and how she treats everyone. I just wish my father would grow a back bone and confront her about this… Its driving me insane!!! I just hope she marries some crazy ass drunkard who sweeps her away and she is never seen again. Maybe just MAYBE I can finally have a relationship and move on with my life. Not just sit here and watch the world pass me. Until that day happens I will never be satisfied.
    Sincerely yours,
    Troubled Bianca.

  2. Kadesha says:

    Dear diary.

    My monster on a sister wont get married still. Everyone is just focused on her. Its so unfair. I just want my shrew of a sister to get married and got away so I can get married and be happy and inlove. But shes to horrid, no one will ever want to marry her.
    I love my sister but i hate her at the same time. Why cant she just get married to this guy that is always on trips or something, just for me? Why cant she just get married for me? Its not like shes waiting for her true love of anything.

  3. Kadesha says:

    Dear diary.
    My sister is such a horrible sister. She wrecks everything. Why cant she just find some weird guy that never is around and just get married to him. Why cant she just do it for me, its not like shes waiting for her true love, or not like shes nice enough for anyone anyway.
    I just want to find a husband and live happily ever after.

    Yours sincerely, Bianca.

  4. Eden says:

    dear diary.
    my sister is such a horrible person, she will not get married. she is so stubborn and the locals call her a shrew. I wish she would start thinking of other people and not just herself. she knows she has to do it for my happiness but she does not care, i hope one day my sister will get married and if she cant do it for her own good maybe she could do it for me.

    yours truly, Bianca.

  5. Joshua says:

    Dear Dairy, Another day has passed and i still have a “shrew” of a sister, today she attacked me at my window again out of pure hatred. Why cant she just settle down and be nice for once? I really hope she meets someone not so she is happy, just so she can get out of my life and terr-arise someone else for once. She keeps ruining my life! Today i found this really nice guy and she just ruined the opportunity for me!

    Yours Truly, Bianca

  6. Michael says:

    Dear diary,
    Another day has gone by and my older sister is still the biggest shrew out! She’s so mean to me! She knows that all I want to do is get married and she still doesn’t make an effort to find someone herself or even talk to dad and ask if I can be married first. It’s so frustrating and I seriously hate her now. I can’t even stand her. I hope something terrible happens to her so that dad has no choice but to let me get married first. I just want to find love and marry that person I fall in love with.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Dear Diary,

    I am feeling so overwhelmed! I just saw the most handsome man ever but now my farther says that I cannot marry until my sister does. When I arrived home followed by my suitors my sister was so rude and she yelled at them and threw things at them. I feel so trapped because she is so stubborn and rude she will never get married. I hope she marries a horrible man who will take her away forever never to be seen again. But that will never happen I will just be here alone watching the world go by.

    Lonely Bianca =(

  8. Shanae says:

    Dear Diary

    I have just experienced yet another day with the shrew, we call my sister. She is so frustrating, I don’t know what her problem with getting married is. She is a constant embarrassment to me and I have had enough. It makes me so angry that her horrid ways are now affecting my future to get married it is so unfair. I feel like this situation will never end and I will end up an old grandma still waiting for Kate to get married.


  9. Madeline says:

    Dear Diary,

    My sister is so crazy, she still hasn’t found anyone to get married to and would refuse even if there was someone, but lets face it who would want to get married to someone so crazy?
    I cannot understand why she can’t just get married, it is so unfair that I had to be the younger one so I have to wait for the eldest to get married before I can get married. I have met the right man I just can’t marry him until my ‘shrew’ of a sister does.


  10. Mary says:

    Dear Diary,

    I’m still stuck in this dungeon with my monsterous sister Katherina. My sister is refusing to get married, she just likes seeing me miserable for love and alone. She wasnts me to be miserable with her!
    I have finally found someone I see a future with and he truly loves me. He has the most cutest blue eyes and lovely golden skin along wih his golden hair, he’s just golden.
    I hope Lucentio and Hortensio find some trash in a bar or the dragon. She is affecting our family life, father is at his tipping point and most of the time his heart nearly fails and my relationship with her is worth a cent.
    She is the wrecking ball in my life ! I hope she rotes in hell.

    Fierce Bianca

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