The Taming of the Shrew

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on August 3, 2012

Hello everyone!

For today’s task, I would like for you to do the following:

Write a film review for the filmed version of the play ‘Taming of the Shrew’.

Paragraph 1: Who plays what characters? What is the basic storyline of the film?

Paragraph 2: What are some positive aspects of the play? Talk about at least 3 things.

Paragraph 3: What are some aspects of the play that you could improve on? Talk about at least 2 areas of improvement.

Paragraph. What is your overall opinion of the play? Would you recommend this play for all ages? or just one particular age?


One response to “REVIEW IT!

  1. Jeremy says:

    Taming of the shrew 1967
    Taming of the shrew is a play about marriage and love. Katherina and Bianca are two sisters whose father is trying to find suitable husbands for them. Katherina, played by Elizabeth Taylor, gets married to Petruccio, played by Richard Burton, who must tame her to be a good wife.
    The story was very good and in depth. The way they spoke was very true to the original play. The actors that were used were very convincing.
    When they were out of town the background wasn’t very good, it looked fake, they should have shot in real locations. The scene where Petruccio was chasing Katherina and she was ripping stair railing was being torn in half and looked really light, it was over the top.
    This film was okay, I would recommend it to teenagers and adults that like Shakespeare.

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