The Taming of the Shrew

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on August 3, 2012

Complete the following task:

Discuss how Katerina’s attitude changed throughout the play.


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  1. Decklan says:

    Katerina is a lead character in the old tale of William Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shew” Katerina’s attitude changed throughout the play.

    Firstly, Katerina’s attitude changed throughout the play because her father was pressuring her into a marriage she originally did not want (apart of Ye Olde times tradition), as the story panned out, she found that she was only mildly beginning to love Petrichio. But there was still a small attitude change about it.

    Furthermore, Katerina’s attitude changed throughout the play when she has a choice to either (right after the wedding) stay with her father in the castle or ride off with Petruchio. With much hesitation and deliberation, she eventually chose to go with her “husband”.

    In addition, Katerina’s attitude changed throughout the play as she felt some sympathy for her father and Bianca, there is much controversy around this, but perhaps she married purely for them.

    Therefore I conclude, Katerina’s attitude changed throughout the play because her father and tradition, when she chose her “husband” over her kingdom and finally, when she felt sympathy for her father and her little sister Bianca

  2. Joshua says:

    Katerina’s attitude is basically the main thing of Taming of the Shrew, so the changes are noticeable. At first she is angry and cold hearted towards everyone but then when she met petruchio, he started to change her and slowly she got nicer and more social towards everyone even her father and sister, which are probley the two people that she hates the most out of everyone.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Discuss how Katherina’s attitude changed throughout the play.
    Katherina is a mean person that has no respect for anyone. She is tricked into marrying someone she didn’t want and does not like. Most of the play, The Taming of the Shrew, is about her coming to terms with him.
    When Petruccio comes to court her she screams, yells and throws things at him. While she was getting married she put on an act of being polite, but when she was asked if she wanted to be married she tried to yell out “I WILL NEVER…” then Petruccio kisses her before she finishes. In the beginning her attitude was mean and sour she never imagined she would not get her way.
    While at Petruccio’s house she cleaned his house and fixed his servants and at the very end when Luccentio, Horencio and Petruccio were calling their wives to come to them they didn’t but when Petruccio called Katherina and she came dragging the other girls with her and said how important it is to respect men. At the end of the play Katherina’s attitude was much better and people enjoyed being with her it was a much more positive attitude.
    Her change in attitude meant that she and Petruccio were going to be happier together and her family would be happier for her. She accepted that marriage can be a part of her life and she has learnt to love. The cause of her change in attitude was that she was married and that she could not get out so she figured that she may as well make the best of it. And her feelings towards Petruccio have softened her and made her a warmer person.

  4. Shanae says:

    Firstly, in the beginning of the play Katerina’s attitude towards marriage was bad. Kate hated the idea of marriage. She refused to comply with the expected behaviour of women in that era and would constantly embarrass her father. Kate’s attitude is best displayed when Pertruchio comes to visit her. Kate greets Pertruchio rudely and the two of them go into a verbal sparring match.

    Furthermore, in the middle of the story Kate’s attitude towards marriage was filled with frustration. When she was living with Pertruchio she would constantly be put down and could not get her way. You could say that she had met her match. Kate found this very frustrating.

    In addition in the end of the book Kate’s attitude towards marriage was considered good for the time. Kate as a wife to Pertruchio does everything she is told. The clearest example of this is when Pertruchio instructs Kate to go get the girls at Biancas wedding. Kate returns with the girls and then gives a speech about the role of a woman to her husband.

  5. Madeline says:

    Katharina’s attitude changes throughout the play we see this in many ways she goes from being wild and untamed, to being controlled and nice.

    Firstly Katharina’s attitude started of very bad she would break things and throw things; she would trash rooms she would also hurt others around her. She also started of by saying she never ever wanted to get married. An example is when she chases her sister around the house with a stick, no matter how many times she was told to stop she didn’t.

    Furthermore during the play Katharina had times where she would Petruchio and was really mean towards him other times she was in love with him and was really happy to be with him, she switches between these several times throughout the play. One minute she will be happy but when Petruchio plays tricks on her she would get angry and it would keep happening throughout they play.

    In addition by the end of the play Katharina had put the past behind her and was madly in love with Petruchio and was finally happy with her life. She even goes back home to see her sister get married to a man and she was not grumpy and angry with her sister, they get along quite nicely with each other. She even does a speech about her now life with Petruchio.

    So clearly Katharina was tamed during “Taming of the Shrew”, it may have taken some time and patience but it was done and that was the aim.

  6. Mary Koloke says:

    Discuss how Katherina’s attitude changed throughout the play.

    In the Shakespearean play Taming of the Shrew Katherina is the eldest of two. In the play Katherina is a sharp tongued shrew and Bianca, her younger sister, is the loving beautiful daughter. Katherina is a sharp tongued, foul tempered woman widely reputed throughout her hometown Padua. No man wants to take her hand in marriage.

    Firstly, she is forced by a stranger to marry him and she refuses to marry him, her attitude towards the whole marriage was negative. Her father, Baptista, desperately wanted to marry her off already because he wanted Bianca to be happy and he didn’t want to be stuck with his daughter of a shrew. She “married” the stranger and missed their own wedding banquet because they needed to head back to Petruchio’s home. She was left at the gates of Padua by her husband, she had more of a choice to go with her stranger husband or to go back to her father but she felt like she wasn’t wanted back home so she left Padua.

    Furthermore, throughout the play Katherina was left starving, had sleepless nights and Petruchio was very harsh. Living with Petruchio, Katherina completed house work, but most of playing the role as a wife, he was treating her like a child. He constantly teased her with her favorites and tore them when he seen her eyes fall in love with it. From the day she was given away she couldn’t get her way anymore.

    In addition, nearing the end of the play Kate demonstrated a very different side of her. She was ladylike, showed herself as a wife to Petruchio and the people of Pauda by her speech about the role of a wife to her husband at Bianca’s wedding banquet. She expresses her feelings towards Petruchio by ending it with a kiss. This goes to show the change in Katherina’s attitude.

  7. Kadesha says:

    Katharina is one of the main characters and her personality changed a lot from the beginning of the movie to the end.

    Firstly, Katharina’s bad attitude started from the start, she would trash rooms, hurt people for no reason, call and use inappropriate language and didn’t want anyone she knew to be happy. She was mostly horrible because of her father, the only thing he wanted her to do was get married and he favoured her younger sister Bianca a lot.

    Therefore when she met Petruchio her attitude started to change straight away, she had never had a man take an interest in her and she liked it. Katharina’s attitude towards marriage changed completely, she in fact got married to Petruchio without wanting to but she still got married to him. Petruchio wasn’t very nice to Katharina at times and t other times he couldn’t be nicer, but he changed her and that’s where her behavior started to change.

    In addition Katharina changed fully, shes was completely inlove with Petruchio and obeyed every commanded. She is quite, polite and settled in the end. She seemed very happy with her life, she went back and seen her family and spoke nicely to them and everything was happy.

    Katharina changed for the better and she is now a lovely and happy person, she has calmed down a lot it took a lot of effort for Petruchio but he got there in the end.

  8. Eden says:

    Taming of the shrew is a play written by William Shakespeare in the 1500’s. The play is about a man with two daughters one beautiful and kind and the other a horrible shrew. The play goes on through the story of how the father wouldn’t marry the younger daughter until the older one was married. Eventually they find a gentleman by the name of Petruchio who tames the shrew. The play is well known worldwide. Katarina’s attitude changed all the way through the play.
    At the start Katarina was horrible to everyone she was known as the towns shrew. She would stay in her bedroom and hit people who were close to her. In the beginning she was an awful person.
    Towards the middle of the play she was still extremely stubborn and horrible but she did agree to marry Petruchio and she started to follow his orders.
    By the end of the play she in is full obedience of Petruchio and was not a shrew anymore. She is kind and loves Petruchio.
    In the start Katarina was stubborn but she slowly started to make progress and by the end she was no longer a shrew.

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